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Film director Mira Nair was highly commended for her works on Salaam Bombay- an academy award nominee in 1989 for best foreign film. Now comes Monsoon Wedding that is yet again another enchanting Indian film directed by her. The success of the film was highlighted yesterday at the Venice Film Festival, as it won top prize.

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Evidently the characters appeared very believable as the intimate handheld camera also assisted with enhancing the genuineness of the scenes. Monsoon Wedding can be seen as a romantic comedy, family drama or even a musical therefore winning the appreciation of many tastes. On the other hand the film itself may lack appeal from a male or unresponsive audience due to the themes and storyline; having a lot to do with romance and affection.

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The film sustains a buoyant energy and enthusiasm, which has endeared it to audiences around the world. But more then anything it is fun because the movie has such a large cast. Like any large gathering of friends and family there is a great generation of laughable moments and memorable past times.

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