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A methodical analysis of this article will be conducted to also discover if this research is validated and reliable enough to be utilised in practice. As cited by Wood and Janet Ross-Kerr, (2011), the purpose, however of a research critique is to conclude whether the findings are accurately carried out, interpreted, practical and usable for other health profession to implement into practice and take into account. The objective of this research critique is to conduct a critical and scrutinized appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of the selected article in the Nursing Times entitled ‘Why do students fail to disclose health problems? '(Devereux et al, 2012) As highlighted by Boswell and Cannon (2012), the notion of research critiques is to effectively identify the strengths and limitations of a research article.

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A research is deemed to be credible and trustworthy when there is a display of reliable account of personal experience regarding the relevant field in the article (Gethin & Clune-Mulvaney, 2009). The group of authors that produced this article all obtain suitable academic qualifications such as masters and doctorates. They are in a specialized area relevant to the research; for instance, Julie Devereux is a practice learning capacity coordinator, Pat Hosgood is a senior lecturer/ programme leader foundation degree integrated practice, Barbara A Jack was trained nurse, director, specializing in research methods and Annette M Jinks is a professor of nursing. Jennifer Kirton is a research assistant who has does not have any relevant qualification of in this research field although has obtain a degree in social research.

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This article contains three numbers of pages does really indicate that there was not sufficient research literature that has been carried out to conduct the study where it maybe just an overview of the study. After a comprehensive examination of the critique, the presentation of the author’s writing style does exceptionally well in expressing clarity of their ideas, intentions, findings and discussion in the article. The structure of the text in the article was efficient, well written readable and reader friendly, hence it improves the credibility of the article (Cutcliffe and Ward, 2007). There is no evidence of grammatical error; wrongly use of punctuation, run-on sentence and limited uses of verbosity which made the article easy to follow whilst the authors’ points are recognized. The occasional use of jargon was indicated in the article .

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