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“This is a book for readers and for those who wish to become readers. Particularly, it is for those whose main purpose in reading books is to gain increased understanding. ” -Alder and Van Doren Summary How to Read a Book written by Alder and van Doren is a guide to attacking reading of all types and becoming a successful reader. Reading is an active endeavor and they liken the responsibility of it to catching a ball. (Alder, 4) A reader is thus an “active receiver” and must act accordingly and respond as such.

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Reading for me now is almost a fact finding mission. I take the words I don’t know and try to interpret them contextually instead of looking them up in the dictionary, which may give me the definition but in no way helps me understand the meaning. I take the second idea and push past the high school concept of main idea. Rather I look for sentences with emphasis and importance and those that are surrounded with details. These are what I focus on in my studies.

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“How to Read a Book. ” Christian Research Institute. “Writing Great Persuasive Papers. ” 11 April 2009, studyskills. com, 1 May 2008. .

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