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Bio-fuels are formed from biomass, normally plants seeds, and liquid bio fuels can be use for transportation. We are one of the world’s leading distributors of bio fuels and we are developing enhanced bio fuels that could see CO2 reductions and a sustainable alternative fuel source. The two main forms of bio fuel today are ethanol and FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters), which have largely relied on food crops such as wheat or sugar cane as their source. We are working to find a source material that does not compete with food crops, to develop a conversion process that will produce low CO2, and to produce efficient fuels. Our bio fuels research includes finding alternative feedstocks. We are looking into finding tough new enzymes to break down the cellulose in plants such as straw. Algae have potential as a sustainable source of vegetable oil that could be used for the production of bio fuel for diesel engines. It is early days but algae hold promise, as they grow rapidly and can be cultivated in ponds of seawater and minimise the use of fertile land and fresh water.

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More information on MCFCs may be found here. Solid oxide fuel cells use a hard, ceramic compound of metallic oxides (of calcium . or zirconium) as the electrolyte. They normally operate at about 700-1,000°C, . producing up to 100 kW of power. System efficiency is around 50-55%. temperatures, reformers are not necessary for producing hydrogen from fuels, eg . Waste heat from SOFCs can also be recovered for use in other applications, eg . making more electricity.

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Its waters are however too busy due to shipping routes for tidal energy to be tapped, added Mr Cornelius. When installed, the AK1000 turbine weighing 150 tonnes and at a height of 22.5 metres, will sit at a dedicated berth at the European Marine Energy Centre, located in Scotland’s Orkney. It costs about US$3 million for one turbine and the payback period is five to 10 years depending on the flow rate of the waves, he added. Cleantech director Goh Chee Kiong of the Economic Development Board said yesterday that Atlantis’s presence in Singapore will “increase the vibrancy of the fast-growing cleantech industry” here. “This project affirms Singapore’s attractiveness as a global home for cleantech businesses,” said Mr Goh, who also highlighted that Atlantis benefitted from Singapore’s strengths in existing industry clusters such as precision engineering, offshore and marine. Atlantis said it is now actively pursuing projects in the Asia Pacific region, especially to ‘power hungry’ markets. “We are confident of developing tidal power as a credible new renewable asset class in Asia,” said Mr Cornelius. Source: The Straits Times .

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