An Orange Juice Label as a Microcosm of Society Essay

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An Orange Juice Label as a Microcosm of Society . One facet of Herbert von Hundstein's theory of universality is that all components of culture, from obvious propaganda campaigns to written notes exchanged on refrigerator doors, are meaningful and representative of society as a whole. Von Hundstein writes in Kultur ist Alle; Alle ist Kultur, .

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Examining the phrase "minute maid" from a grammatical viewpoint, we could easily extrapolate that "minute" here serves as an adjective, modifying "maid," and thus means "a very small" maid. Perhaps virgin dwarfs create orange juice. The company presumes to convey a quickness created through the additional services of an assistant, a maid making a laborious process go by in a minute; however, that reading is only one of many possible.

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Von Hundstein, Herbert. Kulture ist Alle: Alle ist Kulture. Dresden: U of Dresden P, 1994. .

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