Anthropology Pure and Profane: The Politics of Applied Research in Aboriginal Australia

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Introduction: The debates between applied and pure anthropologists’ demonstrate the difficulties which those engaged in native title litigations encounter. Debates to whether anthropologists’ engaged in native title hearings are morally and intellectually adequate are discussed in contemporary anthropology. These debates between anthropologists’ cause various ambiguities to the role and ability of those practicing engaged anthropology.

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Then the difficulties which engaged anthropologists’ face in the legal realm will be highlighted. Finally, I will discuss the difficulty those engaged in native title cases face to whether their work is assisting or subjugating Aboriginal communities. These ambiguities, difficulties and complexities which arise from anthropologists’ participating in native title are deliberated in the following essay.

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81 Trigger, D 2011, ‘Anthropology pure and profane: the politics of applied research in Aboriginal Australia’, Anthropological Forum, vol. 234-248 Trigger, D 2012, ‘Response to Comments’, Anthropological Forum, vol. 85-89 Vaarzon-Morel, P 2012, ‘Intertwined Anthropologies’, Anthropological Forum, vol.

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