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It is quite remarkable how the sands of time revolve around making life seem like a deja vu. This makes it difficult to draw the line guessing if we are still dreaming or already awake. All eyes are once again drawn to an hour glass being flipped upside down over and over again. However, this time around, the consequences are devastating and the results, catastrophic. And as cliche as it may sound, we hear the question once more, did history repeat itself?

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People call the invasion a “fatal mistake” (Gunaratna, 98). The most annoying and irritating truth the people of the world including the Americans realized is that there are no weapons of mass destruction. There is no proof that Saddam Hussein cooperated with the al-Queda or any terrorist groups and the fear of Saddam’s domination is merely speculation (Shuster, 1). There is no proof of the human rights abuses which the U. S. officials accused at the Iraqi government. And the illusion of promulgating democracy to Iraq is in fact still an illusion.

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Gunaratna, Rohan. “The Post-Madrid Face of Al Qaeda”, Washington Quarterly 27:3 (Summer 2004) p. 98. Hayes, Stephen F. and Joscelyn, Thomas The Mother of All Connections A special report on the new evidence of collaboration between Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and al Qaeda Volume 010, Issue 41 July 18, 2005 Shuster, D. “Road to war; How the Bush administration sold the Iraq War to American people”. MSNBC, Nov. 8, 2005 Retrieved on November 30, 2006 from, http://www. com/id/9962149/ .

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