Attractions And Culture Of Southall Cultural Studies Essay

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I have selected ‘Southall’ as my case study. It is situated in London borough of Ealing, near Heathrow airport. It is well connected with major London stations via London over ground rail service. Southall is an area where more than 50% of population is from India and Pakistan or other Asian communities and it is commonly called as ‘little India’ among the local people. This is a perfect example of diverse cultures, where local community from different religions and cultures live together. Some of the major attractions it offer to the visitors such as Southall Broadway, which is the main shopping street, where almost every range of products from Asian community can be found very easily. Variety of restaurants with multi- cuisines; magnetically attracts visitors, as original Indian curries and country taste is the speciality. Visitors can feel the colourful culture of Asia in very first visit to Southall.

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Above definition from Kolb describe the need of classification of the different target markets according to their characteristics and I observed from couple of visits about the market segments who comes to this place, mainly they are; . Families- Parents with their children for shopping and leisure and to enjoy an atmosphere which relates them to their native hood. Individual Youngsters- who are involve in some part of industries and Southall Broadway (as part of work or to meet friends). Old age people from Asian (Indian & Pakistani) ethnicity- for the purpose of their regular or timely visit to religious places. Societies of specialist interests- mainly these societies are from cultural perspectives who visit for their special interests. Shoppers- Mainly females who are interested in Asian ethnic clothing or fashion. Domestic tourists- from Asian ethnicity, who are travelling to UK or London have their interest to visit this famous (among them) place or to meet family or friends or due to publicity created by media (Films and music) . These are some of the major categories of visitors who choose Southall as their destination for various reasons as applicable. Doing a market research is necessary due to the vulnerability of tourism and; .

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It consists of many characteristics and attractions, which is a perfect blend of enrich distinctiveness. Future target markets and research we have discussed to get an overview before implementation of any marketing planning. How websites or other media are helpful and in which areas they are lacking behind, we have observe from few examples. What attract people and how to reach out to distinctive and new consumers we argued in the later part. I believe that Southall is representing an important part of diverse London. Although it has been misinterpret by people and other communities but it has got a potential to be an iconic and one of the must visit places. By my observations and research I found that there is some lacking of appropriate marketing approach towards its popularity. If council, private organisations and communities of this place support each other, Southall can be added in undivided parts of London’s famous places.

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