Basant A Lost Festival Of Lahore English Literature Essay

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Basant, an event that marks the coming of spring, an event that would bring together people from all walks of life, an event that would cover the sky with colors, an event that would spread happiness ubiquitously. It was celebrated with a lot of vigor, passion and enthusiasm in Punjab, but unfortunately this vibrant and full of cheerfulness festival is becoming more of an historic event due to some unwise acts on part of illiterate, ignorant and reckless citizens. The ignorance of few has snatched away the happiness of million others and deprived the country of a great cultural festival. Basant is a centuries old cultural tradition of Punjab. Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs, all alike, celebrated it with great joy and gusto.

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On the day of Basant people riding bicycles and motorcycles are most unsafe as the constant threat of sharp strings cutting their throats haunts them. Last week I met a street hawker selling Gol Gappas, we got into talking about his daily sales and stuff. I saw it as a perfect opportunity to take his view on Basant. He was flabbergasted at the mention of that subject shouting ” Sahib bohat bari laanat hai yeh Basant… 2 saal pehlay mera bhanja motorcycle pe ja raha tha aur is thandi ki waja se us ka gala kat gaya…”(sir, Basant is a curse..two years ago my nephew died after his throat was cut by this string). It is unfair for those belonging to a low socio-economic class.

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Although India has been trying to adapt the festival for several years now but the truth is that Basant is essentially a Lahori tradition that runs in our blood. “Kite flying is my passion, I am crazy about kite flying and I will do what ever it takes to restore this festival,” says an 18-year-old enthusiast. This is one festival people enjoy irrespective of the suffocating shackles of social or economic class. It yields huge revenues for the government without costing much. The government should announce Basant in advance so that people from all over the world can make plans and take care of the security arrangements because the ban on Basant is a great cultural loss to Lahore and to Pakistan in general, and with the ban on Basant in its 7th year, the city is a poorer place.

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