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The modular measuring system consists of two different types of monitoring units, a battery block-voltage monitoring unit and a battery current- and temperature monitoring unit. Following the discussion of the measuring hardware, a LabView realization of a universal BMS software is described in detail. Due to the flexible design of the LabView BMS, the system is able to perform control and surveillance activities for any kind of battery application and battery technology (e. g. Pb, VRLA, NiCd, NiMH etc. The BMS was originally designed for VRLR batteries in uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS), but was also tested in electric vehicles (VW CityStromer, BMW). In a second step, a universal battery management system (BMS) was realized as a LabView application. The use of a personal computer instead of a microcontroller leads to much higher flexibility of the BMS and allows easy adaptation to various kinds of battery applications and battery technologies. The LabView-based BMS controls data acquisition, performs data processing, visualization and storage and provides a graphic user interface. Apart from monitoring features, the BMS evaluates the measured data and interacts with external components, such as the charger, the temperature regulation system and the inverter controller.

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Receiving a so called “data-locomotive”, the first module 631 214 –. – I t Data Acquisition Unit I 1 I —-I Fibre Optic Transmission System (FOTS) T T t 8 block voltages Fig. 2 8 block voltages 8 block voltages 5 temperatures and 3 currents t 5 temperatures and 3 currents t Structure of the measuring and data acquisition system [ 11. . The electric data input and data output signals of the serial port (TxD, RxD) are transformed into optic signals and are transmitted via the fiber optic transmission system. The electric handshake signals RTS and CTS as well as DSR, DTR and DCD are not transmitted so that, on the one hand, only one transmission ring is needed, but, on the other hand, hardware handshake signals cannot be used. Therefore, during the development of the LabView BMS much effort had to be taken to ensure the synchronization of data communication between the measuring units (CMU and VMU) and the personal computer. Having started the Labview application for the first time, the user is asked to provide obligatory system information, e. g. , the number and sequence of the measuring units, the value of the shunt resistor for current measurement, the time between new measurement requests and the paths for data storage. At the moment, the presented system is pre-configured to deal with up to eight measuring modules.

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Due to the modular structure of the LabView application, more sophisticated battery models may be implemented according to individual user’s requirements. Control interfaces: eo, Apart from communication between LabView and the measuring system for data acquisition, the BMS has to have other interfaces to control external components such as the cooling system or the battery charger. At the mo634 A. Lohner, E. . Karden, R. W. De Doncker, “Charge Equalizing and Lifetime Increasing with a New Charging Method for VRLA Batteries”, 19” International Telecommunication Energy Conference, 1997, Melbourne (Australia), pp. 407-41 1 27-4 [4] A. Lohner, “Batteriemanagement fQr verschlossene Bleibatterien am Beispiel von USV-Anlagen”, Dissertation am Institut fiir Stromrichtertechnik und Elektrische Antriebe, RWTH-Aachen, 1998 [5] National Instruments Corporation, “LabView User Manual”, Part Number 320999A-01, 1996 Edition [6] R. Giglioli, A. Buonarota, P. Menga, M. . Ceraol “Charge and Discharge Fourth Order Dynamic Model of the Lead-Acid Battery”, 10* Electric Vehicle Symposium, Hongkong, 1990, pp. 371-382 [7] W. Peukert, “Uber die Abhangigkeit der Kapazitat von der Entladestromstiirke bei Bleiakkumulatoren”, ETZ, Band 18, 1897 [SI E. Dowgiallo jr. “Innovative On-Board Instrumentation for EV Battery Characterization”, DOEEPRI Beta Battery Workshop 8,1991, pp.

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