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Joyce Carol Oates is an American author who has published not only short stories, but a number of plays, novellas, poetry and over forty novels. She was born in 1938 and published her first book in 1963. Her short story, Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been, first appeared in 1966.

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He was rich and had a nice car which he used to convince younger girls to go out with him, unfortunately the ending of the date was rape and murder. Oates uses these men to personify Arnold Friend, both men were famous in the sixties and had an impact on Oates when writing this story. In the 1960s a social revolution was underway; women were asserting their rights and independence from men.

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Nothing can protect a girl from a predator, and that’s just the sad truth about it. No amount of scolding or warning could have saved Connie. She wanted to be a woman and she got it, unfortunately it wasn 't the fantasy she thought it would be.

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