British Rule in India to the French One in Algeria Essay

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Critically Compare the British Rule in India to the French one in Algeria. Throughout the nineteenth century, the rivalling countries of Britain and France were both looking to expand into different continents and build a successful empire. There are many reasons for this thirst for expansion, including economic growth and territorial gains. According to Gildea the emergence of non-European countries such as United States and Japan as great powers fuelled the nationalistic appetite for the extension of borders and influence. The British rule in India; later coined the ‘British Raj’, began in 1858 and although coming under much strain in periods throughout, lasted until 1947 when they were finally given their independence. The French rule in Algeria spanned from 1830 to 1962 following the conclusion of the Algerian War and the signing of the Evian agreements. It is clear when examining both the rules of Great Britain in India and France in Algeria that there were significant differences in the ways the two countries were ran. The French used military might to control the population and quell any uprisings; one instigator of such revolts was Abd al-Kader.

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They were responsible for directly trying to impose Western beliefs and cultures on India much too soon in the occupation and too forcefully. This lead to a largely hostile reception and in 1857 there was a large scale rebellion. The British had been religiously insensitive towards both the Hindu and Muslim populations. The British had issued new gunpowder cartridges which were believed to be greased using cow or pig fat. This practice would have been unacceptable by both the Hindu and Muslim sepoys, however it wasn’t just the Bengal Army who wished to be rid of the British; the Indian aristocracy had lost vast amounts of power and influence. Officials such as Sir Thomas Munro could see little use in “a parasitic land owning class” commenting on how preferential methods of governance would be village communities as “it fitted better with the europeanized and more efficient type of administration that had been built up during the nineteenth century” The British leant many lessons from the 1857 Rebellion, and as subsequently the British Raj was created. This is a far more sympathetic approach to ruling over India. No longer did the British Government and the East India Trading Company underestimate the need to be culturally aware. This issue of religion and culture provides a distinction between the British methods in the India and the French methods in Algeria.

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However, both the French and British Empires did to differing extents manage to integrate Western technologies such as railways and modern irrigation methods. In addition both occupations were valuable building blocks in which to expand their empires; France into Africa and Great Britain into Asia. Bibliography . -Carter., M, From the East India Company to the Suez Canal, (Duke, 2004), pp. 667-668 -French Colonial Empires,, (Accessed 10th January 2012) -Gildea., R, Barricades and Borders: Europe 1800 – 1914, Third Edition (Oxford, 2003) pp. 337 -Gildea., R, Barricade and Borders: Europe 1800-1914, Third Edition, (Oxford, 2003), pp. 338 -Jones., J, Algerian Independence,, (accessed 8th January 2012) -Pritchard., J.S, In search of Empire: the French in the Americas, 1670-1730, (Cambridge, 2004) – Sandhu., A.H Reality of ‘Divide and Rule’ in British India, Pakistan Journal of History and Culture, Vol.XXX, No.1, 2009 -Thompson, E and Garratt., E.T, History of British rule in India, Volume 2, (Cambridge,1999), pp. 426 -Tanford., L.S, Countries and their Culture: Algeria,, (accessed 14th January 2012) .

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