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Protection is being the number one reason on why gadget accessories have been growing in a fast phase. Both small size gadget to big size gadget need protection from the harsh outside environment, and therefore many companies have been trying to solve the problem by making a suit or body protector for the gadget lover to keep their devices functional even with severe impact to the ground or other hard objects. The mobile phone accessories itself accounts for 36 billion dollar which is a very unexpected number because of the forecasted number was 20 million by the end of 2012. This proven that the industry has been performing very well that even the prediction to the real value ratio is almost doubled. The trend of using smartphone and newest laptop has taken protection of those items to the next level. High protection for expensive gadget is very important nowadays, this is proven by the amount of money people spent on having the best protection for their devices. There are 2 types on consumers in this business, people who actually put accessories on their smartphone to add esthetic value to their gadget and people who buy accessories for the protection of their gadget. This trend is supported by several studies that shown people who have gadget spent more than 55 dollars alone for the accessories.

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Otterbox targets mainly on outdoor enthusiast who usually go out to rough terrains. Given the product main unique selling point of protection, Otterbox can relieve the fear of destroying their devices during their activity outside. Strength| Weakness| . Strong brand nameDiversified ProductsStrong logistic| Lack of promotion| Opportunities| Threat| . Growing market of smartphone| Intense competitionImitation start coming to the market| . Strong brand name . People who know Otterbox know that the product is a very high quality product. The customers know that they are getting what they paid for. Even though Otterbox release a new product line, the customers will already know that the product will offer protection like no other brand.

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Imitation comes to the market . Even though it is still hard to get, imitation has been swarming the market because Otterbox such a good product. However, if Otterbox just let it go, the problem will get much bigger and imitation could cannibalize the real product. ——————————————– . [ 2 ]. [ 3 ]. [ 4 ]. .

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