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The role of women is vital to all spheres and facets of life. Thus investment on a girl child is a smarter way to the overall development of a family.Education is one of the many vital fields where girl children remains a victim of disparity and is neglected as compared to the other sex.But it is proved worldwide that educating a girl child can boost the development, break the cycle of poverty that goes on for generations and lead to better and more productive lies around the world. It is ironic yet true that more of girl children in India and other developing or backward nations of the world remain uneducated or just manage to make it to primary level.

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Every child required nourishment and wise guidance in the early formative years. At this stage, a woman helps her child imbibe the best of good things in life. Lack of education will not only harm the individual development of a child but whole of the nation.Presently, many harmful characters are misguiding the status of women, resulting in retarded social growth. Rules and regulations must be adopted to improve the status of woman in every state and furthermore result in an overall development of the country.Just take a step forward and work for the betterment of girl’s status and the overall development of the country. +_××÷÷=£€€₩₩¥€€££%%=÷××_++ .

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How can man even think of killing her in the womb? It is said in the Bhagwat Gita that the karma of the past catches up. For those who have killed their daughters mercilessly they will go through the same fate. But the woman whose tender heart continues to nurture will still give a chance to evil to redeem. Unless India gives women a chance to survive, it would fail as the world’s largest democracy.

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