Carelessness Causes Accidents

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Pulling up in our driveway from winning my first soccer game of the season, my mother and I jumped out of the car to go inside and celebrate the win. As we were walking to unlock the front door, we heard a screeching of tires across the hot pavement of a midsummer’s day. I turned my head to the scene of a fatal accident and screamed. When I witnessed this accident, a memory was created of the scene to remind myself of how reckless driving can hurt yourself and others. The front of our house consisted of an office building on the bright, sunny north side and our big black, slobbery great dane Molly on the south side.

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The lady did not realize that she was badly injured and could not feel the pain that she had just suffered because it was a tragic accident that left her in shock. The next image that I took in was the driver’s top half of his body hanging out of the driver side door window. All I could see was the dripping of blood coming from the body’s head and hands that were dangling with no life left in them. The image of the stillness of the body left me just staring like, “what just happened.” I could not believe what I had just witnessed. My mother said, “Go inside the house and don’t come outside.

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I learned that you never want to take anything for granted and that you want to live everyday like it is your last because you never know when something horrible is going to happen to you or someone in your family. For instance, car accidents are not things that you can predict so if someone in your family gets into a car accident and dies, you don’t get to say goodbye to them. Everything is unexpected these days to where you should always be prepared for anything to happen. So remember drive safe and always watch the road and your speed. On the road it is not just your life on the line, but others as well.

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