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Punjabi By Nature will be a Traditional Punjabi Food restaurant and Bar based in the Southall, London UK. Punjabi by Nature will serve traditional authentic Punjabi food to the likes of Locals & Business & Leisure Tourists. The motivation for this business is the maximum Punjabi communities and Indian population living in London and Southall city. The Southall city is near the Heathrow airport and lots of Asian communities living there because Southall is well known as mini Punjab (INDIA), Peoples from Punjabi backgrounds coming from other cities of UK & from countries like India, Canada, Australia & US have no choice but to eat at places like McDonald’s & Pizza Hut because the other small restaurants in the local lingo are not providing hygienic & good quality Punjabi food.

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Punjab is famous for good quality spices so we will import spice from there. Particular emphasis will be laid on establishing good a relation with the suppliers as these are essential for our long term success & continuous growth in the market. According to David A. Kirby (2003) ‘Promotion is essential for every new business’. The most effective promotion is word-of-mouth (Kirby, A.D., 2003). But as a new business we can’t afford to rely only on this mode of advertisement.

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Staff remuneration (each month) . Insurance (every month) . Total start-up Expenses . Investment (all figures in GBP) . Total Investment .

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