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According to many critics, The Great Gatsby is known as a great American novel. It contains a great deal of historical information, specifically for the 1920’s era. In the novel, Scott Fitzgerald created many similarities between himself and both Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway. Jay Gatsby, who was the main character, was a character that represented who Fitzgerald truly was in life. Nick Carraway was the narrator in the story, and expressed his opinion on nearly every event in the novel.

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His good heart was shown when he would do anything for love. This love in the novel was for Daisy Buchanan, the wife of Tom Buchanan. Gatsby proved that for Daisy, anything was possible, which got him into a great deal of trouble a lot of times, especially towards the end of the novel. Gatsby even changed his name from James Gatz to Jay Gatsby to impress her or make the lie he told her about him being wealthy more concrete. Once he met Daisy, he realized he wanted to be wealthy and have Daisy for himself.

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He also didn’t judge people, like several other characters in the novel did; he acted as though he was merely a reporter reporting a scene, and nothing more. Nick also represents a part of Fitzgerald; the part being who Fitzgerald wished he could be. Fitzgerald wished he could be as calm, honest and nonjudgmental as Nick. This obviously wasn’t true all the time, because Gatsby, who Fitzgerald truly was, was nothing like Nick. They were more or less opposites.

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