Closing Reading and Argument

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Essay I Schedule . Bloggy 1 (1 double-spaced page or 300 words or less, not counting the quotation of your passage) due Wednesday, 19 September, 8 PM . Rough draft due at class time, Monday, 24 September (3 pages minimum). Save in .doc format. Please upload this as an attachment to the course blog.

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Tell why you’ve chosen this passage. Is it surprising, lovely, disturbing, confused, radical, striking in some way? Close read the passage: . a) What is worth observing about your passage? Is something especially clear or especially unclear to you in the passage?

...End of the Closing Reading and Argument ...

To save paper, you needn’t put the “Works Cited” on a new sheet of paper (which is the formal requirement, of which you should be aware), but, if it fits, simply on the last page. Electronic Paper Saving and Submission . Save your work to disc frequently as you write it so that you always have a copy. Make backup copies. You will submit your bloggy and rough and final drafts to the course blog (see full instructions on the course syllabus on how to post to the blog) so that we can publish our work and share it with everyone.

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