Compare the Great Gatsby and Hamlet

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The great Gatsby book started with a man telling us his father advised him never to criticize anyone , he said his father told him he should remember that all this people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had and his father thought him how to be reserved. He also have good manners and a well honourable character. Nick just graduated from yale university and he moved to new york. Nick stayed in west egg a long island in new york, he describes his house as less fashionable and he compares his house with Mr Gatsby his neighbour, he described his house as a Gatsby mansion, nick says his house his an eyesore compared to Gatsby’s mansion. He used metaphor to describe his house “ My own house was an eyesore”. Nick usually described houses in East egg for the rich people he says the houses is characterized by “lavish displays of wealth”.Nick is unlike his West Egg neighbours; whereas they lack social connections and aristocratic pedigrees, Nick visited his cousin Daisy and her husband, he realized that daisy’s house was more beautiful than his. Tom buchanan is daisy’s former member of nick’s social club at yale then. Tom is usually fascinated with arguments concerning racism.

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after the lunch, Nick saw Jordan, and Jordan told him mr Gatsby and daisy use to love each other then, that mr Gatsby told her, mr Gatsby also said he was in love with her during first world war, daisy love him too but she married tom after he left during the first world war, he also bought his mansion in west egg just to be close to daisy then Nick remembered the day mr Gatsby was starring at the water he realized the green light in the water was daisy’s duck. Jordan also told Nick that Mr Gatsby wants a date, just him and Daisy but he know if he ask daisy she wouldn’t come, so mr daisy wants Jordan to convince nick to make a date for him and daisy is long love. Gatsby still worries that even is daisy accepts him, she might not love him the way she did in Louisville where they met. One day nick visited Gatsby and Gatsby was so excited and he told nick to help make the date and he promised to give him money and grass nick was quite upset by what mr Gatsby was doing but he promised to make the date. Nick could convince daisy and the date happened, at first it was awkward , then Nick returns and found them radiantly happy. Daisy shedding tears of joy. She begins to cry more when Gatsby showed her the duck and he said he stays alone dreaming about their future happiness. Their love became stronger and Mr Gatsby and Daisy seem to have forgotten about tom.

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Nick feels that he alone is on his neighbour’s side, as Gatsby’s house floods with police, photographers, and newspapermen. He soon discovers that Daisy and Tom Buchanan has left town. A letter is sent to Meyer Wolfshiem informing him of Gatsby’s death and although he agrees to be shocked he simply doesn’t have time to organize a burial. As Nick stays by the dead body he gets a call with some information to prove that Gatsby was involved in some illegal things. After the burial that Gatsby’s father attended Nick decided to go Mideast and meet Jordan who is engaged. Finally, on his last night in West Egg, Nick goes over to Gatsby’s house — that “huge incoherent failure of a house” (188) — where he finds some boy has scrawled an obscene word with a piece of brick on the front steps. After erasing it, Nick walks to the beach, reflecting on how Gatsby’s green light — one man’s hope for the future — was actually just part of an unattainable past. *Tom and Gatsby, Daisy and Jordan, and I, were all Westerner’s, and perhaps we possessed some deficiency in common which made us subtly in adaptable to Eastern life.

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