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Advertising texts and images seem to be the most visible and ubiquitous icons of consumer society. The Advertising industry indeed has simultaneously become one of the most powerful and apparently most uncritical institutions of today as well as this, people seemingly have accepted billboard advertising as an usual part of their environment. Nevertheless there sometimes develop certain advertising campaigns undergoing general ideas about what ads are supposed to show and they hence provoke controversial public debates. So called controversial advertising has often been claimed to somehow subvert conventional advertising’s practice by the audiences, justice, advertisers, companies, advertising industry’s self regulating institutions and so forth. This now rises the question how far industrial advertising as an institution that has to promote consuming goods, can be subversive.

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... middle of paper ... . ...ox, Henri, A. (1994): Disturbing Pleasures - Learning Popular Culture. London, Routledge. Jäckel, Michael (2002)(no title given) URL: (Visited 12.12.03) .

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St. Andrä-Wördern: Hannibal. White, Roderick (2000): Advertising. Glasgow: McGraw-Hill. Wilson, Neil (1995): A Study Of The Relationship Between Benetton And Its Franchisees And The Impact A Controversial Campaign Can Have On The Association And On Company Sale. Aberystwyth: University of Wales, Centre for Business Studies.

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