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In Things Fall Apart, a novel written by Chinua Achebe,  the character of  Okonkwo is a valuable warrior of the Umuofia clan, a lower Nigerian tribe that is part of an association of nine villages in Africa. Okonkwo is troubled by the wrongdoings of his father, Unoka, due to him leaving many village debts unsettled. Unoka was considered to be a cowardly and prodigal person, who later died and was shamed by the public. As a result of all this, Okonkwo becomes a clansman, warrior, farmer, and family provider. Okonkwo is the father of his son Nwoye, who he finds to be lazy.

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These trade in products made some Nigerian traders wealthy, but that did not stop Britain from defining the collection of diverse ethnic groups of Nigeria and declared it a colony under the British Empire. The British moved into Nigeria with a combination of government control, religious mission, and economic incentive. In northern Africa, the British did not rule directly, but rather with the support of Muslim leaders, who collected taxes and administered a government for the British. In southern Africa, however, communities were not under one authority, so the British intervened and controlled the local population by force(Chua, John, and Suzanne Pavlos. CliffsNotes on Things Fall Apart.

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(Burchill, S. (n.d.). The Open Door Web Site : History : Colonisation : The \’Scramble for Africa\’. Retrieved from The Colonization of Africa. Retrieved from .

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