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Religious Education can be at times a subject that is marginalised (Revell, 2005) as it may not seem as important as teaching the core subjects such as maths, science and English which help children achieve better in further education. In the Non Statutory Framework for RE, Charles Clarke (the former Education Secretary states that, ‘Good –quality religious education can transform pupils’ assessment of themselves and others, and their understanding of the wider position of the world in which we live’. The main purpose of RE is to ensure that children have the opportunity to consider who they are, what they believe and how they want to live. The regional I chose explore and teach to children is Hinduism. I chose this religion as I think it is a religion full of variety and gaiety.

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There are many religious stories in Hinduism but I chose to tell children the story of Rama and Sita as it is quite a famous story of Diwali. The story’s main purpose is to develop children’s KUW development but it can also develop PSED. In the introduction I will be discussing with children if they have heard this story before and if they can remember what it is about. I will also ask them if they know any religious stories which their parents told them. The children will listen to the story of Rama and Sita.

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Photographs will also be taken while children are making their chapattis. There is also another activity set up which requires children to draw something which symbolises Diwali for them. Children have a choice of doing this activity if they wish to. During the plenary, I will observe children’s responses to how they celebrated Diwali at home in the last few days. I will look at children’s drawings and hear their thoughts about how it reminds them of Diwali .

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