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The culture of Pakistan, an Asian country, first of all refers to the observable cultural practices of its inhabitants (202,000,000, 2017 estimate). The current geographic region of the State of Pakistan has been administered by different peoples and empires (Aryans, Persians, Ghaznavids, Seljuk, Arabs, Rajputs, Mughals…). All these cultural influences have left many traces.

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The city of Lahore is still the cultural capital of the country. In the Wazir-Khan Mosque in Lahore, learning to read and write takes place, as elsewhere, through the verses of the Koran. The cinema industry is developed there, despite a certain decline in recent years due to competition from Indian cinema.

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The World Heritage program (UNESCO, 1971) included in its World Heritage list (on 12/01/2016): The World Heritage List in Pakistan: 6 sites + 18 on the indicative list. The Intangible Cultural Heritage program (UNESCO, 2003) has included in its representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity (as of 12/01/2016): . The Memory of the World program (UNESCO, 1992) entered in its international Memory of the World register (as of 15/01/2016): .

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