Dcf Distributed Coordination Function Computer Science Essay

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Fragmentation It is the process used in MAC IEEE 8021.11 to break­ing apart a packet into smaller pieces. Fragmentation is process that dividing long frame to several shorter frame. Using this technology because the Wireless LANs have high bit error rates. The probability of losing frame is much higher for wireless links. The 802.11 uses fragmentation to reduce the frame error rate.

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802.11 uses fragmentation to reduce the frame error rate. Advantages : To reliability of data exchange between the stations. The uses fragmentation to reduce the frame error rate and fragmentation for larger sized packets improves . Disadvantage: fragmentation will increase the overhead. (Tamer &Khatteb,2009) ..

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Computer Science University of California at Berkeley. Ziouva E. and Antonakopoulos T.2003., Efficient Voice Communications over IEEE802.11 WLANs Using Improved PCF Procedures. Walid ,H&Naim ,A.,2006 Performance Enhancement of Wireless Local Area Networks,Dept. of Computer Science,Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies,P 0 Box 2925, Amman 11821, Jordan. .. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff556962(VS.85).aspx .

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