Develop A Personal Selling Philosophy

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Selling is a fundamental part of not only business, but everyday life. Indeed, you are called upon to sell all the time – whether it is an idea, product, service, or point of view. This online course is designed to teach you about selling and how to sell effectively. While our focus will be on selling in a business environment, you will find the concepts discussed in class to be of great relevance to your ability to function effectively in interpersonal settings in general. The objectives of this class are for you to: .

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Review and discuss the various communication styles used adapt the sales presentation to the needs of the customer. Describe the critical role of ethics in building customer relationships. Develop a product strategy that creates product solutions for the customer. Explain the importance of creating product selling strategies that add value. Describe buyer behavior, motives, and decision making in relation to developing a customer strategy.

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Chapter 10 Quiz . Chapter 12 – Closing the Sale and Confirming the Partnership . Chapter 11 Quiz . Chapter 13 – Servicing the Sale and Building the Partnership . Chapter 12 Quiz .. †The instructor reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the schedule.

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