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Divali, also called Diwali or Deepavali (Hindi: दीपावली (Dīpāvalī) or दिवाली (Divālī)), is a major holiday in the Indian world. "Divali" is the contracted form of "Dipavali", taken from the Sanskrit "row of lamps" ("dipa avali"). Inseparable from the great feast of Dussehra, which takes place twenty days before, it commemorates the return of Rama to Ayodhya. Its inhabitants then lit the streets where the king passed with dip lamps. Divali is a very popular festival in India: it is that of lights, on the occasion of which we offer ourselves gifts and fireworks.

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Krishna, when he was still a young boy, lived in the small village of Gokul, where he frolicked with the young shepherds, the gopi. However, the inhabitants of Gokul, near Mathura, used to celebrate the god Indra at the end of each monsoon; but one year Krishna enjoined them to cease these prayers. Mad with rage, Indra brought down a deluge of water to drown Gokul. The terrified inhabitants were then assured by Krishna that nothing untoward would happen to them. In fact, when they had all taken refuge with their cattle near Krishna, the latter lifted up Mount Govardhana which he held with the tip of his only little finger.

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NGOs are trying to educate children in schools about the harmful effects of firecrackers. Indeed, it is they who ask their parents to buy them and who use them. Another problem linked to firecrackers and fireworks, child labor in the industry concerned: in Tamil Nadu, many factories employ very young workers for this purpose, sometimes under the age of 10 years old, working in very difficult conditions. In a large number of cases (estimated at a third), children are obliged to work in payment of debts contracted by their family. Of course, in India, the problem of child labor goes far beyond the sole context of Divali.

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In a large number of cases (estimated at one third), children are obliged to work in payment of debts contracted by their family. India lights up during the Diwali holidays with millions of candles and oil lamps, but also and more and more with electric lights.

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Be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, replacing all “diwali” with “divali”, even in English sources, which breaks the links, even though they are essential for sourcing the article. Last remark, which I had forgotten: Diwali points to a disambiguation page, because of Diwali (riddim).

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