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The Filipinos first encountered the English language when British ships arrive at Manila, the capital of the Philippines, during the Battle of Manilaalthough the language flourished during the American occupation. The Philippines became an insular area of the United States when the Philippines was ceded by Spain to the United States for US$20 million dollars in the 1898 Treaty of Paris after the defeat of Spain in the Spanish-American War after being a colony of Spain for more than three centuries. The Philippines then remain an insular area of the United States until 1946 when the Philippines gained independence from the Americans. In 1901, a group of around five 500 American educators called “Thomasites” (derived from the USS Thomas, the transport ship that brought them to the Philippines) replaced the American soldiers who also functioned as teachers.

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This memorandum must been the reason for the recent large influx of Asian students especially South Koreans that has come to the Philippines to study English. This shows that the Philippines, third largest English-speaking nation in the world and the biggest in Asia before being overtaken by` India, have become a haven for people who want quality English education at an affordable cost. “The Philippines, following intensive efforts to promote medical tourism in the country, has now launched measures to attract Asian students to its colleges and universities. The so-called ‘education tourism’ is targeting students from China and India to join the thousands of Taiwanese and Korean students already in the Philippines for short-term courses or full college degrees.

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The remittances that they send add to the foreign exchange earnings of the Philippines and account for 10% of its GDP helping the Philippines weather the recent 2008 global financial crisis. The Filipinos have also been able maximized their proficiency in English even inside the country through the recent demand of workers in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry, tourism (both having large job-generating opportunities) and enrollment of international students in the Philippines. These economic benefits of the English language are highly recognized by the Filipinos and especially the government. The decline in the English proficiency in Filipinos was quickly acted upon by the government, providing legislative actions although the implementation of these is something to be looked upon.

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