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Executive Summary . Purpose of the Study: To identify the most desired groups of customers and the need states that can best serve and then redesigns its marketing practices to target them. Particularly when reacting to competitive moves over time. Considering the increasingly competitive retail environment described in the competitor moves, these methods are adequate. Major findings: This study helped us to establish that merchandizing has potential to increase periodic sale more than 30%.

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Descriptive Research: One type of conclusive research that has as its major objective the description of something, usually market characteristics or functions. Descriptive researches are further divided into two classes. a. Longitudinal Design . Cross Sectional Design . Longitudinal Design: One type of research design involving a fixed sample of population elements that is measured repeatedly on the same variable.

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The data was collected by researcher his own-self through face to face interviews. Data Analysis: The open ended questions were transformed in to quantitative form through coding techniques. Then collected data was entered in SPSS and analyzed through statistical and inferential tools of SPSS. The data have been presented in tables, and graphs format. With the help of these tables and graphs we have drawn a conclusion followed by a final recommendation in the shape of formal report.

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