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Effective writing is very important when writing an essay because it helps us explore our thoughts and feelings about a certain topic. Especially when you have so many essays you must write during the years in college, you must know how to use different writing such as persuasive or informative skills to accomplish good writing. There are so many different writing elements to use but you must understand these skills to achieve good paper potential. When it comes to having different type of writing skills, there is a lot to know which ones are important to remember. Writing is not only for school but it is where you can express your thoughts by using strong writing skills and techniques.

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Back to the last paragraph of a thesis, the supporting details “support” the thesis with proven information in which you research for. When you are writing a research paper, the supporting details come to a play, and you must have very detailed information to support your research. Supporting details is not always to give detailed information, but also to support you point in your paper. The term sounds so simple to do but the concept in having good supporting detail is so important in many types of writing or speaking. The supporting detail comes after the topic sentence in each paragraph.

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To use and understand a strong thesis, good supporting detail, and knowing your audience correctly, the paper would work out smoothly. There are so many different writing uses that can comply to writing a good paper, but having a strong thesis is a main part in your paper which I inform during this whole essay. Also having good supporting details make the essay enjoyable to read and builds it. Finally knowing your audience is a strong source to use when writing the essay because you would know how to write it due to who is reading your paper. Writing is very difficult when you doing know what type of writing elements to use and understand some of these might help you write a good paper.

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