Energy Crisis in Pakistan

...Start of the Energy Crisis in Pakistan ...

Energy is one of the most important sources for economic growth for any developing country. It has many forms like natural gas, hydra energy, power energy, water and thermal etc. Todays most developed countries like UK, China, Malaysia, etc. are successful because they are managing their resources in a sensible way so that they could get benefit from them for a long duration. Moreover the economy of any country is based on its resources. Unfortunately in Pakistan is one of those countries in the world which are facing huge economic crisis. Pakistan is undergoing an unprecedented energy crisis since the last few years leading to disrupted daily routines. Though energy is the rightly referred as life line of any country’s economy but the current situation articulates that fact of abandoned socioeconomic development of the country due to contemporary energy crisis in the country.

...Middle of the Energy Crisis in Pakistan ...

Many projects of electricity has not yet been started due to political reasons, like Kalabagh dam, Tanda dam and Hab dam. Similarly natural gas projects between Pakistan, Iran and Tajikistan were also pending due to international political pressure. Due to the rising tension between Iran and USA on nuclear issue the Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project is badly disturbed. The political leader ship of Pakistan has not taken firm stand in front of the whole world in this regard. If this project completes then much of the shortfall of natural gas will be solved for almost next 20 years. Construction of Kalabagh dam which can provide 3600 MW of electricity is delayed due to lack of consensus among the provinces. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government is of the view that while the reservoir will be in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the dam’s electricity-generating turbines will be just across the provincial border in Punjab. Therefore, Punjab would get royalties from the central government in Islamabad for generating electricity. Although, Punjab has also agreed not to claim any royalty on generation of resources from Kalabagh dam yet the concerns of the KPK Government could not be removed.On the other hand Sindh Government is of the view that their share .

...End of the Energy Crisis in Pakistan ...

EDITOR: DR NOOR UL HAQ . ASSISTANT EDITOR: KHALID HUSSAIN . * . * * . International Journal of Business and Management Vol. 5; March 2012 * . * . *–PTIs-One-of-the-Priority-By-Mr-Sheikh-Za .

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