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The article revolves around Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and its importance in organizations. Additionally, the article presents the components that make up the ERP system and the methodology that organizations can use to implement it. From the article, change management, process flow, customer mindset, and software are components of ERP that need integration with its methodology for successful implementation of the system. ‘A Conceptual Model for Enterprise Resource Planning’ is an article that focuses on the importance of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in organizations. The article highlights the importance of using the model in the success of an enterprise.

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Some of the contributions advanced by the article include its comprehensive elaboration on ERP and its implementation, application of the system, and the systematic methodology that governs ERP implementation. Concerning its contribution on comprehensive elaboration on ERP and its implementation, the article helps organizations and concerned parties to successfully employ the system and use it to enhance their operations. To facilitate effective application of the system, the article breaks it down into four components and simplifies them into easy and practical concepts. Esser (2010) explains that the components of ERP are easy to understand and implement. By providing a comprehensive set of procedures that organizations can undertake in implementing the system, the article proves to be very practical in implementation of ERP.

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Information Systems and Technology for Organizational Agility, Intelligence, and Resilience. Hershey : Information Science Reference. Sharp, D. (2002). Customer Relationship Management Systems Handbook. Florida: CRC Press.

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