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“You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”, a ballad composed by John Lennon in 1965, juxtaposes the new and old Beatles in a thrilling manner. This song represents the Beatles’ returning to their instrumental roots from The Quarrymen with Paul’s bass, George and Lennon’s acoustic guitars, and Ringo’s percussion forming the main instruments throughout the piece.

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To understand Lennon’s attempt at displaying his raw emotions through this song, one must also understand the influence behind Lennon’s decision. Bob Dylan influenced all of the Beatles in a significant way in their early Beatlemania years: Dylan introduced the Beatles to marijuana, mistaking “I can’t hide” for “I get high” in “She Loves You”.

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As Lennon continues in his career, his songs become even more introspective as he delves deeper into the use of drugs and trying to discover himself. The story this song tells, both as a member of the album Help! and as an individual entity, marks the true influence that Bob Dylan held over Lennon in his early Beatlemania years and the influence’s lasting impact on Lennon’s years to come.

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