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For me writing is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy how you can write something and look back on it and see how well you have developed as a writer.

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My organization was poor in this essay. I felt that I was all over the place in the essay. I realized that I needed to do something different in my next essays and I decided that it was essential for me to make an outline for the rest of my essays.

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At the beginning of this semester my conclusion weren 't that great, however, as I progressed in the course I noticed that my introductions were becoming better and better.

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“Clutter is the disease of American writing ”says William Zinsser in his classic text on writing well. Since I began to write my fourth essay, I have been replaced redundant expression with precise words and remember that needless words are those that add nothing to the meaning of our writing, which would bore the readers and distract from our ideas.

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