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For me writing is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy how you can write something and look back on it and see how well you have developed as a writer. At the beginning of the semester my writing was all over the place and it wasn’t written as well as I would have liked, however, I feel that my supporting sources was something that was good in my first essays.

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My organization was poor in this essay. I felt that I was all over the place in the essay. I realized that I needed to do something different in my next essays and I decided that it was essential for me to make an outline for the rest of my essays.

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A third thing that I learned is how to write better conclusions. At the beginning of this semester my conclusion weren 't that great, however, as I progressed in the course I noticed that my introductions were becoming better and better. I need to know how to write introductions for a paper that I write so I am thankful that this course and semester has helped me not only better my writing but it also helped me become an overall better student.

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