Essay on Baz Luhrman 's Unfortunate Distortion Of The Great Gatsby

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Baz Luhrman 's unfortunate distortion of “The Great Gatsby” The Great Gatsby is one of the most iconic novels in American literature. Its characters, themes and perspectives have been encapsulated in the heart of millions of people across the world.

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With that being said, one of the first distorments and disillusionments of the film is that of the character Jay Gatsby. Gatsby’s death in the novel and the film are very different. Gatsby’s death is a crucial moment in both the novel and the film as it portrays to the audience the result of Gatsby’s struggles.

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Although Baz Luhrman 's dramatized approach to the “Great Gatsby” is more entertaining and hence more marketable it takes away from the originality of the novel and underscores the complexity of its characters and themes.

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