Essay on Chapters One and Thirty Nine of Great Expectations

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Chapters One and Thirty Nine of Great Expectations . In the novel 'Great Expectations', chapter 1 and chapter 39 are both .

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In Chapter 1 when Pip first encounters the convict, he springs upon . Pip without warning and begins to interrogate him. The convict is presented as 'a man with no hat', which in Victorian .

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confrontation between Pip and Magwitch, and both chapters show a . different feeling and message within.

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Charles Dickens ‘Great Expectations’ Book

In conclusion the two chapters show the confrontations of both Pip and Magwitch and provide a different feeling and message within. The two chapters have many differences and similarities which are shown through Dickens’s message to the readers and through the portraying of the characters.

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I will further discuss my opinions on why Dickens wrote the novel, and the importance of chapters 1 and 39 as part of the overall narrative as well as how these chapters contribute to the important message Dickens was trying to convey about Victorian British society. In chapter one it could be inferred that there is two Pip’s: the one as described b...

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My essay will take a look at the books two main characters Pip and Able Magwitch. Great Expectations is one of Dickens most popular and famous books.

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Pip’s fear of the convict creates sympathy for him, whilst the physical strengths of the convict and Pip are juxtaposed, much like the overall picture of both characters, Pip as one of good, whilst Magwitch as one of evil. This chapter’s setting reveals Pip’s depression, showing him as fearful and exhausted at guessing the origins of his expectations.

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Dickens has also influenced equality and second chances in Great Expectations. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Great Expectations section.

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In conclusion, I believe that Chapter one of Great Expectations a perfect opening. I think this is because Dickens thinks that society is disillusioned and that great expectations for him personally have never become true.

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The chapters are both similar in the way dickens has used atmosphere to create a gloomy appearance. The opening chapter of ‘Great Expectations’ starts with a great hook, there is a vicious escaped criminal, threatening a poor, innocent boy in to helping him survive and escape.

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In chapter one when Pip is describing Magwitch, he says he has a “grey iron on his leg”, then in chapter 39 when Magwitch is in the story again, Pip describes the ‘man’ who’s turned up at his home to have “grey iron” hair, which gives us the impression that the characters Magwitch before it tells us because of the language used in both chapters to d...

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This new found affection is a real contrast from the convicted man who was threatening to kill Pip in chapter one. He is proud that Pip has become a gentleman, because Pip was the one who basically saved his life in chapter one, when he had escaped from prison.

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In chapters one and thirty-nine of “Great Expectations”, the relationship between Pip and Magwitch changes immensely. On the contrary Magwitch still poses a mental threat as he has the ability to manipulate Pip, although he still poses a mental threat as he has the ability to change Pip’s whole position within the setting, changing Pip’s way of life...

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