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What is writing style? I started out thinking that writing style is a personal thing and that all writers have their own style.

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Rule number two exemplifies comma placement when dealing with three or more terms. Strunk and White say that in “a series of three or more terms with a single conjunction, use a comma after each term except the last” (Strunk and White, 2). One example they use to demonstrate this is .

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The Elements of Style (4th ed.). Allyn & Bacon, Boston, MA, 2000. .

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I believe this element to my writing also enhances my style. No, I am still at the beginning of my search, but I feel that with the advice and strategies I have found from reading both The Elements of Style and Style: Toward Clarity and Grace, I have a better idea of where I am going.

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This kind of writing may appeal to students who need clearly defined writing parameters but may not appeal to the more accomplished writer. So, although each writer believes the same basic principle, that verbose writing leads to unclear writing, they each had their own idea of how to convey that information.

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These books specifically identify the basic foundation for writing rules of usage, principle composition and offer suggestions for different types of style approach. I’m not necessarily sure that good writing style is something which can simply be taught, but that it is somewhat possessed internally, or comes naturally.

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Writing takes imagination and skill, not just the ability to write grammatically correct. Writing Style .

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From reading both of these style-books, I have learned that good writing, excluding creative writing, uses a more purposeful approach than a personal one. Since these elements and rules are common to all writing, then style and good writing bring forth new meanings .” .

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The second question, why should we be concerned with style, is answered in the books The Elements of Style, by Strunk and White, and Style Toward Clarity and Grace, by Joseph Williams. They believe that style is important because it affects the readers’ ability to understand and enjoy writing.

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Anyone wanting to make their writing clear, precise, and simply correct will usually try following some type of guideline, or book in order to perfect their own writing style. Everyone has a different angle of style they go for in their writing; these books simply either enhance that style, or with books like Strunk and White’s curtail that style in...

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We offer detailed ways to put into specific practice the clichés of style ‘Be clear’ ‘Omit needless words’… We suggest you read this book a short section at a time, and then look at your won writing the writing of others” (Williams xiii). After I finished toiling through Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style and William’s Style Toward Clarity and...

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This is true at least for essay writing not necessarily creative writing. Just because you know how to make every sentence you write grammatically correct, each paragraph flow flawlessly into one another doesn’t mean you a. have a point or b. have style.

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Growing With Style Defining writing style is somewhat like describing Big Foot. For example, the University of Miami’s Philosophy and Literature Departments hold a Bad Writing Contest that gives mock prizes to the “worst published academic writing” that someone can find (

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