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Minority students have been discriminated against for a very long time; many people think that minorities don’t have the same opportunities as others, but in reality they have many advantages. Minority students have opportunities to get into good colleges and getting more scholarships than other non-minority students. Colleges look for the obvious things like grades, and extracurricular activities and all those things but what most really want is to have diversity in the college and therefore colleges need minority students. Colleges read students’ applications thoroughly, so colleges’ look for stuff that sticks out, stuff that makes a student different than the rest one thing that might sticks out is race. In the article is says, “An applicants final determination of what to say about race is often made consultation with a college counselor. Many counselors may convey to families that a multiracial applicant has a better chance of being admitted to a highly selective college than those in any other racial or ethnic category. This tells how a multiracial student may have a better chance of getting into a good college than those in other racial or ethnic categories. “Many private scholarships are geared toward minorities because they are looking for something in particular”(Borowski).

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The author shows how very specific scholarships can be and how they affect other people who do not fit the description of what that scholarship wants. Another reason why minorities have an advantage is because of stereotypes even if it doesn’t apply to that student. In an article a student says, “I just realized that my race is something I have to think about,” she describes herself as having an Asian mother and a black father. “It pains me to say this, but putting down black might help admission. This states how putting down a specific race might better or worsen someone’s chances depending on that particular race. A mother states, “My 17 year old son is a high B student and an excellent athlete, but we’ve been unable to find any scholarships for him because he’s white. ” Elizabeth says, Johnson also says “We aren’t wealthy. We don’t take on fancy vacations and we do without a lot of things. Yet because I’m white, I don’t get a hand.

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com/2011/06/14/us/ 14admissions. pagewanted=all&_r=2&>. Borowski, Susan. “Scholarships and the White Male: Disadvantaged or Not? ” Insight into Diversity. N. p. , n. d. Web. insightintodiversity. com/ scholarships-and-the-white-male-disadvantaged-or-not-by-susan-borowski>.

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