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Generally, financial services refer to services provided by the finance industry either public or private finance industry. Financial services defined as services that related to facilities such as saving accounts, checking accounts, leasing, loans and money transfer provided by banks, credit unions and finance companies.1 Flower of service is a visual framework for understanding the supplementary service elements that surround and add value to the core product. Flower of service is introduced by Christopher Lovelock that distinguishes between facilitating and enhancing supplementary services. These different supplementary services can be classified into eight petals. The core service is the reason why service provider exists in the market.

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Besides, MARA’s customer also can pay their loan at the post office counter. MARA provides all these services to ensure that their customer can pay their loan in the easy way without waiting too long to pay their loan at the MARA counter. With all kind of services it can be conclude that MARA always find ways to make their customer comfortable with their service and will ensure that the service convenient and applicable to be use by all. ENHANCING ELEMENTS: . Generally, exception is defined as a person or thing that is excluded from a general statement or does not follow a rule.7 In services, exception is one of the elements that act as enhancing supplementary services to a firm.

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From service to experience : Understanding and defining hospitality business. The Services Industry Journal, 27 (6) , 1-19. Mayer, C. (2011, April 15). How does a defect of the core and supplementary service influence customer satifaction. Retrieved October 5, 2013, from http://www.modul.ac.at/uploads/files/Theses/Bachelor/Thesis-2011-Mayer-Clara.pdf .

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