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The Ford Anglia is a car model of the American automaker Ford produced in Great Britain from 1938 to 1967 at the Ford Dagenham factory. There were 3 generations: . It was replaced by the Ford Escort in 1968. . In 1953, Ford launched the 100E, designed by Lacuesta Automotive. It is an entirely new car, its styling takes the example of the Ford Consul introduced two years earlier, and German counterpart, the Taunus P1, using a modern three-speed gearbox.

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A fuel consumption of 9.3 L 100 km was recorded. The test car cost £ 511 including tax. The 105E version is right-hand drive, the 106E the export model is left-hand drive. As for the 307E version, it designates the station wagon. Produced from 1959 to 1967, the Anglia 105E - 106E has the particularity of having a very robust 1000 cm3 engine called supercar, that is to say that the bore is very large (very large pistons) and the stroke is short (short crankpins), which promotes frank and rapid engine revs.

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The Deluxe model had a side chrome strip, chrome taillights, glove box cover, sun visors, and a full-width chrome radiator grille. The top of the range is the Super, which had twin chrome side stripes, two contrasting tints for the roof and sidewalls, velor interior trim, together with the 1,198 cc engine and a gearbox with synchro on first gear . Options included the Deluxe with Super engine, or the Deluxe with Super finish but retaining the 997cc engine. The car in the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie is an Anglia 105E. It belongs to Arthur Weasley who works at the Ministry of Magic, in the Muggle Craft Diversion department.

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