Garbage: The Never Ending Problem

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The researcher would like to acknowledge the valuable help extended by the following individuals: 1. Ruben G. Torralba This person has gladly and willingly helped the researcher revise, edit, and grade the paper of the researcher. Without his valued words of wisdom the researcher would not have been able to present such a comprehensive output. Ferdinand G. Inacay The father of the researcher was generous enough to lend his research to his son for the betterment of the researcher’s paper. Without the said information the output of the researcher would have no concrete basis for all its arguments and conclusions. Chapter 1: Introduction . Garbage: The Never Ending Problem . The World of Garbage .

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By learning whether or not there are paper and plastic garbage around a person we can see how it affects their daily life and how they progress in their work. Maria Eugenia C. Bennagen and company show, in their research paper, that “The household sector is the primary source of solid wastes in Metro Manila, accounting for almost 75%.” As stated earlier in this paper, paper consists of at least 16% and plastic takes up at most 15% of garbage in houses. Food/kitchen wastes consist of 45%. From this we can say that the containers of these food products are not properly disposed of rather it is just collected and dumped in one of the neighbouring dumpsites, particularly Payatas or Smoky Mountain. To fully understand the awareness of the disposal program, a survey conducted by Maria Eugenia C. Bennagen and company showed that there were two cities within Metro Manila that were practicing proper garbage disposal, and these were Parañaque and Mandaluyong City. Within these cities, barangays with active garbage disposal programs were chosen. “In Barangay Sun Valley, Paranaque City, a total of 70 households residing in two communities were sampled and in Barangay Barangka, Mandaluyong City, 73 households residing in two communities, were sampled… In each of the two barangays selected, one segregating and one non-segregating communities were chosen.

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If the Philippine government could at least do something like this in other cities then development is sure to . Lastly, the Philippines can imitate the process in altering waste into something more productive objects like compost, animal feed, fertiliser, and even fuel. Now, if the Philippine government is able to spend some money for equipment that can turn waste into something else that can be a huge boost in eradicating the problem. Different types of equipment that will be helpful are machines that can compost, briquette, co-compost, and can digest garbage/waste in an anaerobic manner. With these machines garbage will decrease while at the same time increasing the economy of the Philippines. Garbage as an alternative source of fuel will highly boost the economy of the Philippines through an easier and more efficient way in gaining fuel rather than using oil. If the Philippine government is able to do these things then the Philippines will not have to worry about waste or garbage problems for a long time. The succeeding generations will look at the previous and say that a job well done to preserve and continue the current lifestyle with a garbage-free environment.

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