Gatsby is Not Really Great Essay

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Is Gatsby Really Great? The first thing you see when you pick up this book is the Title “The Great Gatsby” .

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Gatsby is the stories protagonist when we first meet him he is very mysterious and “God Like” which adds to his sense of greatness. Nick says Gatsby has : . “come out to determine what share of our local heavens ."

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Not only is this the ideal of the American dream, but he also through gigantic parties every Saturday in his gothic mansion, where all the rich and famous would gather. He was a perf... .

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The green light, that is seen by Jay Gatsby across the bay is more than a light it is a sign of hope. For instance when in Ch.4 Gatsby told Nick that Meyer Wolfsheim is “the man who fixed the World’s Series back in 1919,” an allusion to Meyer’s “un-American” nature.

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For a discussion of the fairy tale elements in Gatsby see Peter L. Hays, “Gatsby, Myth, Fairy Tale, and Legend,” Southern Folklore Quarterly 41 (1977): 213-23. The narrative stance toward Gatsby in death has become the opposite side of its stance toward him in life: while earlier parts of the novel witness the world from the context of Gatsby, later...

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It was sad that Gatsby died, but it was an inevitable event, considering the fact that Gatsby spent his life trying to impress the one girl he loved, who in turn, turned him down. Although Gatsby is the main character, the book is in perspective and supposedly written by Nick Carraway, a friend of Gatsby.

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Many would argue that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby is about a hopeless romantic named Gatsby and his quest for Daisy the woman of his dreams. They hurry back to Long Island where Nick finds out from Gatsby that Daisy had been driving when they struck Myrtle, but Gatsby intends to take the fall for it.

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As The Great Gatsby is narrated by Nick, we see everything through Nick’s eyes. However, this could be used to argue the other way, perhaps this original title relates more to the party throwing Gatsby and the hedonistic Jazz Age, suggesting that Gatsby isn’t great.

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In the end, Tom is who Daisy really wants to be with, not Gatsby. All of these (rather upsetting) examples of symbolism in The Great Gatsby are representative of the American Dream and the general mood of the east coast during the 1920’s.

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As in “Winter Dreams,” his infamous short story concerning the experiences of a young middle class man whose life revolves around an unreachable social butterfly of a woman, Fitzgerald once again uses the concept of a “unicorn” that the hero of the story cannot catch to great effect in The Great Gatsby. That The Great Gatsby stands strong as an impo...

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