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Full Bibliographic Reference State the full bibliographic reference for the article you are reviewing (authors, title, journal name, volume, issue, year, page numbers, etc. ) Important: this is not the bibliography listed at the end of the article, rather the citation of the article itself! Grading: -3 if missing 2. Introduction: Objectives, Article Domain, Audience, Journal and Conceptual/Emprical Classification Note: For the on-line reviews done in some class sections, this category may be broken up into several separate subcategories. For the written review, please discuss all of these subcategories together as follows.

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Your critique can contain both positive and negative comments. Justify and explain in detail each of your critique points in a separate paragraph of at least 4-5 sentences. The following are suggestions only: • Does it build upon the appropriate foundation (i. e. , upon appropriate Prev Page prior research)? • Did the authors choose the correct approach, and then execute it properly? • How confident are you in the article’s results, and why?

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Citation Analysis Appendix There is a separate page on the course Web site describing citation analysis. This appendix will have three sections: • the citations you found in the Science Citation Index • the citations you found in the Social Sciences Citation Index • the citations you found through a thorough Web search on the Internet If the article has no citations for any of these three, then write in that section “I found no citations in the [Science Citation Index or the Social Sciences Citation Index or on the Internet]. ” Note, if your article has more than 20 citations, you only need to include a selection of them: • State how many citations each index has and the Web search found • List Prev Page 1-2 citations for each year in which the article has been cited. Try to include citations from several different journals spread over your selection ?

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