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This report explains through description, and by example, the type of report expected of students in the English 102 course at Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Sharjah campus. The report is divided into 5 main sections. After the introduction, section 1 provides guidelines on how to write a report, including the documentation and steps required as well as offering advice on plagiarism and meeting deadlines. Section 2 focuses on the contents of the report, explaining which sections must be included. The conclusion emphasizes the importance of stating your main point.

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These guidelines refer to the whole document. The document must: . Be produced in Microsoft Word, and all spelling must be checked . Be black and white, without edging or “cake” decoration. Have one-inch margins on all sides on all pages.

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It also includes information on how to write an abstract, a table of contents and a conclusion. Remember that you will lose 10% for each day that you are late handing in your portfolio, so make sure that you plan your time well and that you do not miss the deadline. Treat this report as a model. It is expected that your own work will look very much like this one. It is important that you adhere strictly to the guidelines.

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