History of Punjab: State of Sikh Religion

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History of Punjab: State of Sikh Religion Punjab, state in northwestern India,bordered on the north by Jammu and Kashmir state and Himachal Pradesh state, on the east and south by Haryana state, on the south and southwest by Rajasthan state, and on the west by Pakistan. Punjab state lies between the great systems of the Indus and Ganges river . Punjab had a population of 20,281,969.

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Punjab came under their control from time to time. Darius the great, the Persian king attacked Punjab and occupied many parts of Punjab. At last the Punjab was full invaded by the Persian King Gustasp in 516 BC.

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Tourism: Amritsar is the home of traditional Punjabi cuisine, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian where each eating-house has a specialty. It is the holiest place of Sikh religion in India. It is well advanced than other cities in Punjab.

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