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Daniel Defoe’ Robinson Crusoe takes an important place in the history of the English novel, because it was the first time that a continuous prose narrative had been written with the specific aim of creating the illusion of day-to-day living. Robinson Crusoe is very much a product of his age, the individualistic-minded eighteenth century. The Economic Individualism in Robison Crusoe illustrates the attitudes of a eighteenth century British citizen.

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All Defoe’s heroes pursue money, and we can see this very clearly in Robinson Crusoe – the story begins Robinson Crusoe going to his Brazilian plantation, however his ship was wrecked and he was the only survivor in an island. And in this island, he regards the island primarily as a property to be developed for his own use. Moreover, we observe that the eighteenth century influenced Robinson Crusoe.

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As the time passed by, Crusoe began to set his routine, that is, he organized himself and established time to sleep, to work, to eat, and every else. This attitude shows that the average individual economic life under division of labor as interesting of inspiring.

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