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Introduction . Hospital waste management is one of the most critical and yet underrated kind of waste management .The growing number of hospitals and the unhealthy eating habits of the people has contributed to the rising number of patients in hospitals. Wastes that are improperly disposed lead to spreading of infection. This will lead to the unhealthy society as a whole. Modern day societies place high importance on preventing the manufacturing of plastic and its By-products but they overlook the importance of collecting and disposing the existing plastic products that are in circulation. This is applicable for the hospital waste management as well. Hence it is imperative to focus and understand the procedures used for hospital waste management. The hospital waste management process contains the following stages.

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* Paper based: Once the paper based wholesaler receives the segregated papers the cotton boxes are crushed and treated then it is converted to a carton box again . The papers are separated on the basis of their color and then treated for ink removal and then sent to paper mills. * Plastic based: The sorted plastic is first washed with chemicals to remove all hazards and then it is grinded and it is made into powder so that it loses its original shape. Then this particular powder is sold to the factories, they melt it and make it into different products. Materials and methods . There are a few amenities required by the waste management agencies to function in effective manner. The yard provided by the hospital should have a roof .The yard should be ventilated properly .Otherwise most of the products are wet, they start emitting bad odor .This may cause infection to the workers in the yard. Each and every worker should be provided with a pair of surgical gloves .He also has to wear proper footwear. There are chances of infected material coming to the yard, so this will prevent them from getting infected.

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It is clear that the new emphasis reflects the recent findings about the poor design and operating conditions of on-site incineration equipment at health care facilities in India vis-à-vis the requirements of the Biomedical Waste Rules. There is no denying that hospital waste management plays a crucial role in the sustainability and growth of a healthy society. So it is imperative all the stakeholders involved in the hospital waste management industry follow the best possible, environmental friendly, effective and efficient practices. In conclusion, everything boils down to the long term health and sustainability of our earth and it is important to keep in mind that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors but we borrow it from our children. * Sathya Eco-management, Bangalore. * Raja plastic, Mysore Road, Bangalore. * Maridi Bio-Waste Management ( * “Health Care Waste Management in India” by BEKIR ONURSAL .

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