How Does Charles Dickens Make the the First Chapter of Great Expectations Effective?

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The first scene in the novel is set in an “overgrown” graveyard which creates a miserable atmosphere. We know pip has never seen his parents before they died “never saw” so he makes absurd descriptions of them “unreasonably derived”, this creates a sympathy for pip as he knows that its stupid but its the only way he can imagine his parents “square, stout, dark man”. The author does this to show how neglected pip is.

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These words emphasize how much Magwitch has worked to get here and this creates tension. Also when Magwitch asks him who he lives looks after him he refers to his sister as “Mrs. By calling his sister by her formal name it suggests that he is not very close to his sister, this scene in the novel creates an antagonistic repulsion between the two characters in the reader mind.

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These words are contradictory to the title “great expectations”. Charles dickens purposely does this to create a trepidations feeling in the reader. The common theme in this novel is the use of analogical ways to describe the feelings of characters and the use of irony to create tension.

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