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Chapter 1: Every Trip Is a Quest (Except When It’s Not) . In Chapter 1 the author explains the symbolic reasoning of why a character takes a trip. They don’t just take a trip they take a quest. Structurally a quest has a quester, a place to go, a stated reason to go there, challenges and trials en route, and a reason to go there. Quests usually involve characters such as a knight, a dangerous road, a Holy Grail, a dragon, an evil knight, and a princess.

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Chapter 13: It’s All Political . Chapter 13 was about how most writing is political. It was about how writers secretly put their political point of views into their stories. Usually political writing is boring and vague. Some writing is more political than others, but nearly all writing is political on some level.

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Chapter 25 is called “Don’t Read With Your Eyes.” The chapter is basically a restatement of previous chapters, just repeating that readers need to think of the story in a different perspective and that they should see the author or maybe the characters point of view. Chapter 26: Is He Serious? And Other Ironies . In chapter 26 the author states that even though we went through the entire book learning about all of these new symbolic meanings in literature, sometimes irony will come and mess things all up. He says something that helps me remember: “irony trumps everything.” Even though we spent hours reading about all of the symbolic and metaphorical possibilities in stories, there only has to be one, tiny ironic thing that could come along at the end of the story and completely wipe out all of the symbols and metaphor we just read.

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