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It is very easy to find any sort of information in the books or internet sites, which can be helpful for those students, who want to write a good essay. Our professors explain us how to organize our work on the essays, how to do a good research or how to create a clear thesis statement. From our friends or classmates we can get a good piece of advice on how to plan, reference and format our writing correctly.

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Usual “copy-paste” from an internet source, from a magazine or a book, incorporated into your writing without any citing or referencing, is one of the greatest ways to produce a bad essay. More to the point, it is essential to remember that a bad essay never has anything like a reference page or works cited page. At last, the next stage is to ignore any rules and standards of formatting and place your text randomly on the pages.

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Keele University . History School of Humanities. 2008 < >.

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