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“This should be sent to a journal” “Very good work, but I’m not sure why Alan Bundy hasn’t written this? ” Anonymous review: “Clearly the author fails to understands Walsh’s previous work on this topic” • 1st Lesson • Don’t lose heart • Even if you do everything right, reviewing is imperfect Good papers will be rejected But try to learn from your knock-backs! • Academic career • Publish or perish • Have an impact • • Communicate your results Many have not had the impact they deserve for being bad writers • Writing is fun! Outline • How to get your paper rejected • . There are many traps even experienced researchers make Myself very much included • • Hints about how to write a paper • Writing is a craft not a science!

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Introduce idea (introduction) Develop idea (body of paper) Summarize result (conclusions) • But don’t copy verbatim the same text! Title • Make it meaningful and brief • • Don’t make a joke Remember someone reading reference needs to be able to work out likely contents Good: the TSP phase transition Bad: Easy Problems are sometimes Hard • • Abstract • Executive summary • Try for one sentence or so on: • • • • Motivation Method Key result Conclusions Introduction • • • • What is the problem? Why is it interesting? What are your contributions? What is the outline of what you will show?

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• What’s the deal with the disclaimer (”This paper is not under review ..”)? • Can I submit to a journal immediately? • • No hard and fast rules My rule, once reviews are back and paper is effectively in press … Publication • Can I publish my conference paper as it is in a journal? • Probably not, even though conference is not archival Most journals ask you to extend conference paper substantially • • Proofs, more experiments, … Final words • It takes time to learn how to write • Don’t be put off if at ? rst your have papers rejected All of us have papers rejected • • Spend time learning how to write • It will be worth the investment.

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How to Write a Research Paper Essay

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